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Plaza libre para Chicas, Trabajo para escort suiza,

We are looking for girls of all styles and ages who are responsible and friendly for a 1 to 4 week job..



We are located in the heart of Basel; Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland and has fairs very often throughout the year. Given that it has been around for 30 years, our club is widely recognized.

Our way of working

  • We work with catwalk and individual appointments. 

  • You share a room with another co-worker. 

  • We have a telephone operator and a manager.

  • We have condoms, lubricant, towel, oil and sheets.

  • The house has everything you need to be comfortable (kitchen, air conditioning, wifi, etc).

House Rules

  • Presentations are always done with lipstick, a smile and high heels.

  • If you want a day off you have to notify at least one day in advance.

We work with international girls. Most of our girls do not speak several languages, but we have a secretary who takes care of everything.  


*If you want to work with us it is essential to be a member of the EU (European passport, not residence).


 Don't hesitate! If you are interested in working in a professional and familiar environment, don't waste your time and earn good money by working with us!

Send us some photos of your face and body and the services you perform via whatsapp to the following number:

+41 76 533 78 07

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